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Dive into soaring soundscapes that collide with funky onslaughts of pulsating super nova aural electricity! With high volume improvised space jams, melodic songwriting and trance inducing fuzz riffs, the tradition of the "psychedelic freak out" is alive!

Safe'nSound - Remix'n'Remaster is a more dynamically focused version of our second album that includes live bonus material we recorded on our travels. Huge warm riffs, stingy synths and bombastic drums await your ears.

Ruckzuck is do-it-yourself weirdo rock trio, we produce all our work from our home made recording studio in mountains of Pennsylvania. We tour around the USA delivering a message of love, creativity, loud sounds, and general freakiness.

Produced, written and engineered by Ruckzuck.

Copyright Ruckzuck Music Collection 2017.


released September 1, 2016

Faith Kelly - Vocals, Casio 403, kazoo, Moog Sub 37
Nick Bedo - Guitars, Production
Matt Bedo - Drums, Sound Effects
Astronauto (John Velsor) - Electric Guitar on "Sound Proof"


all rights reserved



Ruckzuck Scranton, Pennsylvania

TAKING PEOPLE HIGHER WITH PSYCHEDELIC SOUND! "Ruckzuck" is a word that can be translated into a variety of meanings, but it always pertains to moving fast and going forward. We're inspired by the past, but with a mind set on the future. In true DIY spirit, Ruckzuck manages, produces, records, writes and distributes their music by themselves. ... more


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Track Name: To Be Alive / Three Thirds A Space Baby
I don’t want to be alive, just to have to try and survive

Sing yourself a song to sleep and just let yourself be x3

Obey the sign or you must pay the fine

Save your quarters, obey your orders

Give the black people tickets, give the white people fines

Everyone’s gaining credit while we’re all losing our minds

Buy yourself a house, rent the kids a pony

Fight and hate your spouse while the living gets lonely
Track Name: Fall Is A Trip
Spring is for your creation

Summer, a time for recreation

Fall is time for your reflection

Winter is your revelation

Spring will sprout up a seed of hope

Summer love will make you whole

Fall will rip your little soul to shreds

Winter makes you clean up your mental mess
Track Name: 39 Stories High
39 stories high and I’m down in the dumps, I can’t wonder why I can’t help you up x2

102 degrees at the DMV, Fighting for simplicity, where’s my release?

101 degrees at the DMV, fighting for simplicity take my ID

12.42 AM in the Emergency room, smiling through the doom I feel the gloom

12.43 AM in the emergency room, smiling through the gloom I feel the doom
Track Name: The Sound
I don’t know the sound of my voice anymore. Show me the door out of this disgusting


I don’t know the sound of my thoughts anymore. What’s it all for? Could there be more?

I guess, the world can finally end when all of the celebrities are dead – Please look

beyond! This moment right here, before it’s gone.

Look at the trees. Feel the breeze. Let out a sneeze. Snot on your sleeves, this moment

right here- is now gone.

Don’t feel sad, I’m still your lad, even when life takes us beyond! This moment right

here- is all we have. Stay with me now!

Do you believe that your troubles will mean anything when you’re dead? x4

You are what you see, see what you’ll be and live on those dreams!
Track Name: Sound Proof (with Astronauto)
I need a home, to make my noise all alone

No grandma’s on the phone, more then just room tone.

Babies don’t like to jam, upstairs the door goes slam.

Dogs howling at nothing... Please, where can I sing?

Feedback is music to my ears, but my waves bring the neighbors to tears.

One day I’ll have a speaker so loud

Decibels to crush them in a sonic shroud

Land lords ears are bleeding, the man in the basement is screaming

No cans squeezing my head when the quiet people are dread

Strumming the chord to kill them all, my brains end up splattered on the wall.

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